The 5 Best Freshwater Fish for Beginning Aquarists

Are you wondering which fish are best for first-time aquarium owners?  We have five suggestions to help you get started choosing your pets.

For instance, there’s the betta or Siamese fighting fish. Both males and females are better off alone, or else they battle. But bettas are beautiful and intelligent. They recognize their owner’s face and can learn tricks.


Bettas don’t need as much tank space as some species because they only grow up to 3 inches long. On the other hand, please keep your betta in at least a five-gallon tank, so it feels comfortable.

Next, Danios are popular for beginner aquarists because they are active and attractive to watch. They will eat flakes as well as other foods. And since they live in schools, you’ll want a group of at least five. Keep them in a 10-gallon tank or larger.


Goldfish are easy to care for although they tend to be messy. They will need partial water changes and a good filtration system. But they are peaceful and colorful. More importantly, they are hardy fish that tolerate cool water temperatures.


Bloodfin tetras can live up to ten years. They are busy little silver and red fish that prefer to hang out with one another. And they also like cooler temperatures so a heater might not be necessary.


Finally, guppies are also a good choice for beginners. They are brightly-colored, especially the males. If you include females in the tank, they will bear young. Plus, they also don’t mind cool water as long as the temperature stays constant.


In conclusion, many of the best aquarium starter kits have everything you’ll need to raise any of the fish we listed above. At the minimum, you’ll need a five or ten-gallon tank, a filter, lights, and a thermometer. Then you can cycle the aquarium to prepare it for your new friends.