Clean These Three Things Now to Prepare for Winter

Fall is lovely but it won’t last forever. When the cold weather hits you’ll be stuck inside the house. Now is the time to clean up a few things around your home. Then wintertime won’t be such a hassle.

Winter cleaning

The garage

If you only straighten up one spot, do the garage. Most of us have extra items stored there, perhaps more than we use. Then there are all those bugs that take up residence as the weather cools. So now is the time to give the garage some attention. Then you’ll have easier access to the tools you need.

Have a yard sale or donate extra stuff. Then grab your wet/dry vacuum to pull down webs and clear out debris. After that, use a pressure washer to remove oil stains and make the floor spotless. Once you’re all done, you’ll be glad you took action.

The pantry or your cupboards

Although this makes for a pleasant winter weekend project, take a look at your pantry now. The reason why is because you’re likely to stock up on favorite foods before the bad weather hits. Organizing your shelves now makes room for new goodies.

The bathroom

The final place to prepare is the bathroom. That’s because it’s better to take care of problems like mildew removal, caulking, or painting now when you can still air out strong chemical odors. Instead of your usual cleanup, it’s time to give the bathroom a thorough deep-clean.

Grab a tile floor cleaner to whiten grout. And stock up on bathroom cleaners that speed up soap scum removal and whiten toilet bowls.

Turn these three tasks into three weekend projects. Then reward yourself with a treat for accomplishing them. Once winter hits, you’ll be relaxing indoors with more free time on your hands.