How to Use Gel Nail Polish At Home

Applying nail polishes and nail colors is not a big deal if you have the right nail care products and the tactics that lead to perfect gel nail polish finish. But sometimes you may think that it is hard to get a salon finish on your nails at home because of the lack of certain things or sometimes the lack of the perfect tips and tricks that lead to the perfectly finished gel nail polish look on your nails.

Use Gel Nail Polish

Here is our step by step guide to help you get the opi gel nail polish finish you have been looking for:

Step 1: Preparing your nail for the gel nail polish treatment

The first step is surely the preparation of the nails. If you don’t prepare your nail properly the gel nail polish will not stay on it for long.

To prepare your nails to make sure you remove all dirt and grease with the help of nail cleaning liquid or wipe clean nail solution.

Then make sure you remove extra cuticle layers and push the attached sides back to give a neat look on the nails. For this, you may use the wooden stick to avoid any pain or harm to the nails.

Buffing the nail for removing the extra shine from the nail would be helpful in keeping the primer and the gel consistently applied easily.

Make sure to buff the nail edges to give a consistent look as well.

Step 2: Start applying the primer

After buffing the nail you must be using the nail primer before applying the gel color. The primer has to be applied very carefully so that it may not touch the touches the edges and cover the whole nail plate without any flaws.

You may let the primer before proceeding to the next steps. It helps in keeping the primer safe from getting messed up with the upper color coat.

Step 3: Apply the gel color coat

After priming the nail, proceed to the gel nail polish coat.

Always make sure you apply a very thin layer. It is important because if the layer is thick it will create bubbles, coagulation and messed up surface making it look awful.

Cure the gel coat using the LED or UV nail lamp light for 60 seconds. Apply 1-2 coat more to get the desired color but keep in mind you have to apply each layer as thin as possible and cure every time you apply the layer and never proceed until it’s cured properly.

Step 4: Apply the top coat

Apply the top coat to give a perfect finish on the nail. The top coat will surely help boost the look and finish on the nail. It adds perfect shine and cover the nail gel so that it stays on the nail for a longer time.

For applying the coat it is important that you keep it smooth and thin and it should cover the nail completely leaving to spot behind. You may also cure that so that it stays perfect on the nail. You can use dnd gel polish for this.

Step 5: Finishing touches

After going through all these steps you have to make sure the nails get the perfect shiny finishing as a whole. You may use the prep solution to wipe out residues from the nail and give the nail a shiny glossy finish after the gel polish and top coat is applied and cured.

It may give you a glass like a shine making sure the coats are well adjusted and are in good form giving the nails the best salon finish.


  • Applying gel nail polish on the nail without priming and buffing lead to unstable gel coat that tears away easily.
  • Thick gel polish coats never give a neat look and can get removed quickly.
  • When applying thin coats make sure not to touch the edges and cover the nail smoothly.
  • Always cure the layers applied on the nails as without proper curing and application you never get a clean, and well-applied gel nail polish finish

So now, we hope you get a complete step by step guide about how to use and apply the gel nail polish for a perfect finish that lasts for a longer time and stays shiny without leaving any scrapings or scratches. To make the job easier, you can buy best nail gel starter kit at home. Now its done and you are ready to shine your glossy gel nail polish covered nails!